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    The Chrysler

    About The Chrysler

    The Chrysler 300 Asanti Edition was custom built in California and features seating for eleven, three flat screens, two bars and a dynamic sound system. Highlights include Lamborghini doors, Asanti wheels, LED Audi Style running lights, and yes… a HEMI engine. There isn’t another one like this anywhere in Georgia!

    Chrysler Pricing

    11 passengers (3 hour minimum) @ $130/hour | REQUEST A LIMO

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    The Lexus

    About The Lexus

    The Lexus LS 430 Ultra Edition gives you Lexus styling and elegance with rear reclining seats that feature a vibrating massage. The Lexus is the perfect way to relax on your way home, to the airport or to your office.

    Lexus Pricing

    3-4 passengers @ $75/hour | REQUEST A LIMO

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    The Cadillac

    About The Cadillac

    The Cadillac Escalade ESV is Cadillac style and heritage with accommodations for 6 passengers include 4 captains chairs and a rear folding bench. Tinted windows provide every passenger with the VIP experience.

    Cadillac Pricing

    7 passengers @ $95/hour | REQUEST A LIMO

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